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Designing a 'Fantasy Island Board Game'


This afternoon, we discussed board games that we knew and the rules that each one had. We were then tasked with designing, creating and playing our own board game, based on our fantasy islands that we are creating in English lessons. Once the base design was ready, we wrote down the rules and wrote cards with good or bad movements for your counters. Some of us referred to witches spells, curses, dragons, magical forests, volcanos, mountains and more!

Using coordinates on The Quest for Gold 🥇


This afternoon we used 6-figure grid references to plot the journey of a character around Alchemy Island. The first character stops to rest at the Dragon Vine castle, and the second ends up in a desert filled with different elements. We used the periodic table of elements to find out what the symbols represented.


This afternoon, Prophets class completed some scientific experiments to find conductors around the classrooom. We made basic circuits and then attached them to objects such as: paperclips, staplers, rubber animal toys etc. 

Finding conductors! ⚡️

Alchemy Island


Our topic for this term is a mystical journey into the world of Alchemy Island. Prophets class will be disappearing through the gateway portal into the fantasy realm, discovering a lost land of spells, potions, adventure and music. The children will have to use all of their imagination to enter this magical landscape.