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This week we are focusing on the 4 times-tables!


Keep practicing and testing yourself to increase your knowledge! 


Have a look at the Percy Parker 4 times-tables song that we use in class below. It is a great way to practice your 4 times-tables.

4 Times Table Song - Percy Parker

Four Times Table Song

4 Times Table Song

Monday - Bar charts

Tuesday - Bar charts 


Today we would like you to collect your own data using tally charts then display that data using a bar chart! 


Your data can be collected on anything you like, for example, colours of socks, the favourite meals of the people in your household or even their favourite animals!


Collect your data using a tally chart and then create a bar chart to show the data that you collected. 




Can you answer these questions about your bar chart? 


1) Which option was the most popular? 

2) How many votes were there in total? 

3) What was the least popular? 

4) What is the difference between the most and least popular? 

5) Were there any options that got no votes?


Wednesday - Tables

Thursday and Friday 


Over the next two days we are going to put all of our statistic knowledge to the test and answer some Problem Solving and Reasoning questions. Remember, just like when we are in class, some of these questions will require you to explain your answers or how you found the answer. They will also need resilience as you may not get the answer straight away, but don't give up... keep on trying!


Below you will find the work for each day.

Thursday - Reasoning and Problem Solving

Friday - Reasoning and Problem Solving