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Keeping Ourselves Safe



Medicine, Safety, Nervous, Frightened, Anxious, Friendship, Peer pressure   Support, Networks, Inappropriate, Private Personal, Comfortable, Uncomfortable.


To understand that medicines can sometimes make people feel better when they’re ill. 

We will learn that:

  • We don’t always need medicine to feel better we could: rest, quiet, sleep, water, before medicine.
  • Medicines get into/onto the body in a liquid or tablet that you swallow, inhaler, injection, or creams/ointments that are rubbed onto the skin.
  • Medicines should always be kept out of reach and sight of children.

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To identify situations in which they would feel safe or unsafe.


We will understand that when we feel unsafe, uncomfortable about something or worried, nervous or frightened our bodies tell us something (examples will include feeling hot, sweating, needing the toilet, feeling sick etc.)  Some people feel more safe/unsafe in certain situations than others.

To understand its ok to say no.


Sometime we need to say 'Yes', 'No', 'I'll ask', or 'I'll tell', in relation to keeping themselves and others safe.

To understand inappropriate and appropriate touch.


Our bodies react in different ways when we do not want to be touched [turn away, resist the touch, shrink from the touch, feel sick, can’t breathe, panic etc.]

It is OK to tell family and friends when we do not want them to touch us. E.g. “Grandad, I don’t want to kiss you because your chin is all rough and spiky.”

If someone feels uncomfortable or worried about anything, including an inappropriate touch, then they should tell someone and if that person is busy or doesn’t seem to listen then they should tell someone else.

To recognise that some touches are not fun and can hurt or be upsetting.

There are times when people are trying to be kind to us and may touch us, but we might not like or want this, e.g. when a friend gives us a hug but they squeeze us so tight that it hurts. They might think it’s fun, but for us it’s not - because it hurts. 




To identify safe secrets and unsafe secrets.


A surprise is something that everyone will find out about in time, a secret is when someone says you should not tell anyone about something.