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Phonics and Writing



This term, we are continuing our Phase 2 phonics learning. We will be practising blending phonemes to read words and segmenting the sounds that we hear to write the word.


The phonemes that we are reading and writing with are:


s a t p

i n m d

g o c k

ck e u r 

h b f l ff ss ll



We will also be learning to read and write tricky words. These are the words that we cannot sound out. Our tricky words are:


to   the   go   no   into he she we me be


We will start to learn the Phase 3 sounds


Week 1     j   v   w   x

Week 2    y z  zz  qu

Week 3    sh  ch  th  ng


We will also be introducing the new 'tricky words' he    she    we    me    be