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Tribal Tales - Term 2

Today we had a really exciting day! 


We held our Cave Painting and Pottery event with our Parents and Adults! It was so much fun, we created cave paintings on the walls of our caves and on the rocks outside of the caves and we made pottery out of clay. It was really tricky using the sticks instead of paintbrushes and pottery tools!


Thank you to all of the parents and adults that came to help us!

Have a look at the pictures below to see how amazing it was!

In Science we have been learning all about Magnets and investigating Magnetic and Non-Magnetic items. We went on a hunt to find some Magnetic things around the classroom! 

We have used the knowledge that we have found so far this week to help us in planning our own story. We are going to act them and then write it too!
We have been working in groups to describe a character. 
We have been looking at the effect of friction on a moving object today during Forces and Magnets. 
Today's English lesson saw us trying to work out the best order for a letter. We had to think about the features, we looked at yesterday, and the order that they came in!

We started our new topic, "Forces and Magnets" in Science today! We were trying to work out what a force is and how it affects things.

We have been working in groups to identify the features of a letter to help us when we move onto writing our own letters.