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What happens when I fall asleep?


Our topic continues this term with us thinking about 'does everyone go to bed at the same time?'. We will be learning about people who work at night and thinking about other countries and how their time is different and why.




We will think about why sleep is important to us and what happens to our bodies when we are asleep. We will discuss 'dreams' and write stories about them. We will look at the image 'I and the village' to promote discussion. 



We read ‘Emily Brown and the Thing’ and made our own ‘things’.

We talked about our own bedtime toys and shared a photograph of them.

We went into the allotment and used tools to dig in the ground. We found lots of items including lots of different sized worms 🐛 , some tiny carrots 🥕 and other bugs 🐜. We took them back to Noah’s Ark outside area and looked at them carefully with magnifying glasses 🔍. We also drew some of the worms and moved liked them.