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Forces and Magnets 


This term we are going to be learning about Forces and Magnets during our Science lessons! Over the term we will be learning about what a force is and how they effect different objects. We will also be learning about magnets, finding out what is and isn't magnetic, how a magnet is made up and what happens in two magnets are put together? 

What is Magnetic?


Today we were learning about what is Magnetic. Did you know there are only 3 magnetic materials? These are: Cobalt, Iron and Nickel. So for something to be magnetic, it needs to contain one of these materials.


We then did an experiment to find out what was and what wasn’t magnetic.  



Did you know that resistance is a force that slows things down! Today we investigated which surface created the most resistance. We found that the artificial grass created the most resistance because the car travelled the least distance after the ramp. That’s because the resistance slowed the car down so much! 

What is making it move?


Today we did two experiments to find out how the wind can create a force that acts on different objects. 


Did you know that leaves are blown in the direction that the wind is going and that the sails of a windmill are curved so that they can catch the most wind possible?

Push and Pull


Today we were learning about Forces in our first science lesson of our new topic! We were looking at how push and pull forces can make something start or stop moving.