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Materials and their properties


This term we will be recapping and continuing our learning on materials but the focus will be on materials and their properties. We will be learning new vocabulary such as transparent and flexible. We will also carry on working scientifically where there is a strong emphasis on the children using their senses to observe closely. We will identify and name certain materials and we will sort them by their properties. We will carry on grouping and classifying materials and objects by using separate and overlapping sorting rings and simple tables. 



Material, hard, soft, transparent, flexible, properties, classify.




Also this term, we will be looking at two of the four seasons, autumn and winter. At the start of the term we will be going on an autumn walk around the school grounds to identify the signs of autumn. Towards the end of the term we will be going on a winter walk around the school grounds to identify the signs of winter. We will then be able to compare the two seasons. This activity will be done throughout the school year so the children have the chance to see the changes in the seasons.  In addition to this, we will be focusing on one tree in the school grounds for the children to observe the changes overtime. 



Autumn, winter, summer, spring, seasons.