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Religious Education

Vocabulary: omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, immersion, baptism, conformation, christening, atheist, cloning and de-extinction.


This term in RE we will be identifying what does it mean if God is loving and holy? We will question why Christians do not all agree about what God is like, but try to follow his path, as they see it in the Bible or through Church teaching. We are hoping to visit St Thomas’ church and re-enact a christening.

After half term we will be looking at the question ‘Do you have to believe in God to be good?’. Here we will underpin what it means to be an atheists. We will question humanists, follow the world view of atheists with the addition that people should act in the best interest of humanity. We will also question what Muslims believe as well as Christians. This will lead on to looking at the Good Samaritan dilemma and the relationship between Jews and Sarmatians at that time.



Linking our RE knowledge to our class novel and science learning we will carry out a debate regarding organ donation/transplant and is it morally correct?