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In year 4 we consolidate the learning from year 3 and have a big focus on securing our times tables facts to 12 x 12.  Please use the TT rockstars game daily to practice these number facts....there will be dojo rewards for those logging on and completing daily practice!


In our lessons this term the children will learn to Use a variety of representations, including measures, to become fluent in the order and place value of numbers beyond 1,000, including counting in 10s and 100s, and maintaining fluency in other multiples through varied and frequent practice. We will learn how to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and use our estimation skills to decide if our maths is likely to be correct.

We will also learn about roman numerals, and what each symbol means!  


Towards the end of the term we will move onto addition and subtraction, recapping how to use the column method for both addition and subtraction and using this to solve problems using larger numbers.

Place Value

We have been exploring thousands, hundreds tens and ones during our maths lessons so far this term.  We have practiced building the numbers and talking about them using mathematical vocabulary.  We have also been learning to find 1/10/100/1000 more or less than the number.   Using place value charts and counters has really helped us to use these larger numbers!