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Children follow instructions to test their resting heart rate using various methods and equipment, including heart rate monitors, smartwatches, stopwatches and timers, and record their data in a table. They investigate to prove or disprove the hypothesis that 'children with lower resting heart rates can sprint faster than those with higher resting heart rates, and, to present their data, they create scatter graphs. They revisit learning about the four types of exercise, plan and carry out a comparative test to investigate which exercise type increases their heart rate the most and identify the effect of exercise on the heart.


Children revisit learning about healthy eating and the Eatwell guide and explore nutritional labels on food packaging, grouping and sorting healthy and unhealthy foods, and identifying those that fall outside the Eatwell plate. They research the effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs on the human body and create large-scale labelled diagrams to present their findings.


The focus for the Innovate stage is reporting and concluding, with the children devising a testable question linked to heart rate recovery to investigate so that they can draw conclusions and write up their findings.

How to Figure Your Resting Heart Rate

How to Figure Your Resting Heart Rate. Part of the series: LS - Running Tips. People who are more fit have a lower resting heart rate and people who are deconditioned typically have a higher resting heart rate. Figure your resting heart rate with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.