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To be able to write a persuasive advert.


This week we are using our planning from last week to write our persuasive adverts. Each day has a different writing focus, so make sure you carefully go through the slides for that day and focus on making that section the best that you can! 


More information for each day can be found in the PDF for the day's lesson below. 



During today's SPAG lesson we are going to be looking at how to correctly punctuate speech again. Below there are two videos that explain how to use inverted commas. 


The first video explains how to punctuate speech that comes at the end of a sentence. 

The second video explains how to punctuate speech that comes at the start of a sentence. 


After the videos you will find your activity for today's lesson.

Punctuation: Introduction to speech marks (KS2)

Here is a text message conversating that Mr Lee and Mr Bell had about the persuasive adverts that we are currently working on. Can you use your knowledge of punctuating speech to correctly punctuate the sentences? 


The green messages are from Mr Lee and the grey ones are from Mr Bell. 



Can use a different word for said in each of your sentences?