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Leaf, stem, flower, bud, root, trunk, branch, compare, similar, different, measure, group. 


In this terms science topic, we will introduce a wide variety of plants, including trees, which we will be able to observe closely. We will have first hand experience of planting our own seeds and exploring and investigating familiar plants and trees that we see every day such as garden plants, wild plants and trees. We will introduce the names of some common varieties of wild and garden plants, including trees and begin to make simple comparisons. We will also learn how to identify and describe the basic structure of common flowering plants and trees and observe and describe a variety of very different examples, such as flowers of contrasting size and shape and roots of different types and structures. We will discover that there are many different kinds of trees and that some are deciduous and some evergreen which we have spoken about previously in our seasons topic. 



Asda Steve Visited Gospels where we got to plant a bean and talked about how to look after it.

We looked at what plants we have outside our classroom

We sorted flowers by colour and the numbers of petals

Our bean plants two weeks after we planted the bean!