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Monday - What floats?


I know you all love exploring with water and today I'd like you to experiment with different objects to see if they sink or float.

Collect a range of things from your home and before you place them in the water make a prediction. Do you think the item with float in the water or sink to the bottom? Sort out the items into two piles, ones that sink and ones that float.


Follow the link to see if you can make a boat that floats. It would be amazing for you to video your attempts and post onto Tapestry. Don't worry if they don't float first time, how can you change them to improve them?


Make a boat ideas



Have a think about all the things that you have done in Noah's Ark class. Think about when you started school in September and you didn't know many sounds, or couldn't write your name yet. Maybe you could count, but maybe not to 20!! Or even higher!!

Maybe you liked the Gruffalo book, but didn't know the author was Julia Donaldson.

You could look at your Tapestry observations and remind yourselves all the fabulous learning that you have done.

Now have a look at the picture below. Don't worry if you don't have a printer you can draw your pictures. Can't wait to see what your ideas are!!


Use the soundmats to help you.



Wednesday - RE


We have been learning all about the Creation story and thinking about the natural world around us. Talk to your family about what we have learnt about the Creation story. Can you tell them all the things that Christians believe God created?

Think about your favourite natural item. Is it a particular animal? Or a tree in your garden or on the way to school? Maybe you love flowers or playing with water.

Whatever you decide can you draw a picture and write why you have chosen that thing?