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This term our class story is The Three Little Pigs. Click on the link below to listen to a version of the story.


The Three Little Pigs Story

Now you have listened to the story can you make a 'wanted poster'? You can choose either the wolf or the 3 little pigs. You could write 'Have you seen a big bad wolf?' or 'this wolf tried to blow down the pigs house'.

Remember Parent's that children are not expected to write correctly spelled words. Just use the sounds that they know, for example for the word 'blow' using the Phonics sounds learned so far may be written as 'b -oa'  or b-l-oa' depending on the sounds your child can hear. 

Use the phonics mat below to help identify the matching sounds to the letters. 










Who lives here?


Take a look at the pictures below. Can you match up the materials to the house and then find who the house belongs to. You don't have to print out the pictures, you can match up the items and then draw some of them.