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R.E in Early Years

In reception, we aim to teach children some fundamental knowledge surrounding Christianity and other religions through inquiry and curiosity. Through-out the year, children will be given open, key questions that will allow them to inquire and learn about different religions, their faiths, and concepts that can be linked to their own experiences. We will use guided sessions to discuss, question and learn new vocabulary and concepts. They will also vast have opportunities to explore and inquire through role-play, experiences and expressive art and design.

Early Learning Goal- ‘Know some similarities and differences between different religious and cultural communities in this country, drawing on their experiences and what has been read in class.’ 

Special Books

This term, we will be exploring 'special books' that different people, religions, communities and families have.


By the end of the term, I will:

  • Know that the Bible and Qur’an are key sources of authority for Christians and Muslims respectively.
  • Know that Christians and Muslims belive in one God who created the world exactly as he wanted it to be (harmony- Islam).
  • Know that Christians and Muslims believe that God created humans with special rights and responsibilities.
  • Know that Christians believe that humans made a bad choice that damaged their relationship with God (story of Adam and Eve).



same          different           religion            group            faith            beliefs       

     special                book             scripture          Torah         harmony

Christian            Muslim             Bible             God           Qur'an           Allah


We had a very special visit from Tammy, from Restore Church. She talked to us about her very special book - The Bible. This is a sacred book for Christian people and Christians believe it contains the word of God.