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Adding the suffix y 

Drop the e before adding y 

Today we are going to look at adding the suffix y

Time for some rhyming root word

whine   shine        breeze   cheese        laze   craze

Did you notice that they all end in e?

If we add the suffix –y to these words, we can say:            

My brother’s whiny because his boots aren’t shiny!


 The weather is breezy but this scarf looks cheesy!


I’m feeling lazy and it’s driving mum crazy!

Let’s see what happens to these words when we add the suffix -y:

                                                 whine   whiny       

                                                 shin  shiny    

                                                 breeze   breezy       

                                                 cheese   cheesy

                                                 laze        lazy   

                                                 craze   crazy

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