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Years 5 & 6

Archery League


This week was the conclusion of the Archery League. We went unbeaten in the league and qualified for the final! During the final we scored an impressive 92 points which helped us to finish in 2nd place overall! 



Today we took part in an Orienteering day with Boston School Sports Partnership at Witham Country Park. We developed our map reading and team work skills whilst searching for clues and hidden check points. We were trying to do it as fast as possible as we competed against each other and other schools that are taking part on different days. 


Years 5 and 6 were amazing and represented St Nicholas C.E. Primary brilliantly, shining their light all day!

Gardening Club 


This week we harvested some runner beand and we were learning about how to plant bulbs for flowers.

Football Club


During football club this week we were focusing on Attackers v Defenders and the vest ways for attackers to beat the defenders. 

Gardening Club


This week in Gardening Club we were harvesting the potatoes and weeding the beds.



This week was round 2 of the Elite Sports Archery League. After our win against Old Leake last week, we were competing against Butterwick this week. 

After-School Gardening Club


During Gardening Club we are growing different things and taking care of the school allotment. We are learning about the different things that we are growing, how to care for them and help them to grow and how to harvest them. 

After-School Athletics


We are really lucky to be able to take part in Athletics every week with coaches from Elite Sports. It is enjoyable and we learn lots of new skills. This week we started to learn about the correct throwing technique. We also took part in the Bleep Test to get a baseline of our fitness levels to see if we can improve these whilst doing Athletics this term.



This term we are taking part in Round 1 of Elite Sports Inter-School tournament. Round 1 is Archery and our first fixture was against Old Leake Primary. 

After-School Football Club


Every week we are able to take part in football training where we focus on teamwork, improving our skills and knowledge of the game of football. 

Mummification - Year 5/6 Pharaohs topic


On our WOW day for our Pharaohs topic, Year 5 and 6 delved into the world of Ancient Egypt and the art of mummification. We started off by getting our hands on some Lincolnshire tomatoes to scoop out the 'brains' and other 'organs' before preserving the 'body' in salt to maintain it in its journey through the Underworld.


After that, we investigated how mummification of the human body would work and how to wrap a body in bandages. The children absolutely loved this part of the afternoon and challenged each other to create the perfect mummy before the winning pair got to mummify their teacher!