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Children's Mental Health

The NHS have some fantastic resources on the following web sites


As parents and carers, there are ways we can support our children to give them the best chance to stay mentally healthy.

Encouraging and guiding a child to think about their own mental health and wellbeing are vital skills you can teach them from a young age.

Find out how you can help a child to have good mental health, including knowing how to talk to a child about their mental health, and when to spot signs they might be struggling.

Plus get self-care tips for you, to help you look after your mental health while caring for others, and find out how to get more support if you, your child or your family need it.



Place 2 Be have some amazing resources and some links to other professionals and agencies that may be of use Please follow the link below to access their website 

Clicking the link above will give you access to further web site links for  the following as well as lots of advice and articles 


Child mental health and wellbeing:

Big changes:

Conditions and challenges:

Difference and diversity:

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and we are unable to signpost to every organisation. Please refer to the NHS or BBC Action Line for a more comprehensive directory.


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