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Due to not receiving very many stories from our isolation period before Christmas, We have decided to repeat our adventure story unit.

If you did complete this unit please see below for instructions for what I would like you to do this week.


This week we will be continuing to write our story. You have finished writing the introduction on Friday, so Monday's lesson is to plan, write and edit the Build-up. Tuesday you will write the 'Problem' in your story (the main middle part) and on Wednesday write the 'resolution' - how your character deals with / fixes the problem. On Thursday you will write the Ending - The character returns to the bedroom and explain what happens from there.

On Friday I would like you to type up your story onto a word document/or alternatively publish your final story using illustrations and design, to 'show off' all of your hard work.


It is important you focus on one paragraph each day and do not rush the process.  Consider the quality of what you are writing and spend some time improving it each day.


If you completed this process before Christmas AND sent it in to school then please choose a different setting and character to include in a new story.  There will need to be 'portal' which allows the character to travel either to a different place or a different time.  Follow the same process that is shown on the slides but apply YOUR ideas.  I can't wait to read the final products!