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All about our learning:

This unit builds on Year 1 science learning where children identified plants, named their parts, tended a garden and observed seasonal change. Children should already be aware that plants need water and sunlight; this unit revisits and extends that understanding.

They will also be introduced to growing plants from bulbs and from seeds, learning the sequence of germination, and comparing and contrasting the requirements of germinating seeds with those of mature plants to maintain healthy growth. 

We will start with the children demonstrating their current knowledge and asking questions. There are then several lessons that provide contexts for setting up investigations. 

The main enquiry types that we will be focusing on are observing change over time and comparative tests; there is also identifying and classifying, pattern finding and research using secondary sources (videos). Children will record series of observations use labelled drawings and photographs in diaries. They will use their existing knowledge and their observations to make predictions at the start and during investigations. 

Key Vocabulary

common   wild plants   garden plants    deciduous   evergreen

tree  trunk  branches  

plant  leaf  root  leaves  bud  flowers  blossom  petals  root  stem

water  light  suitable  temperature

germination  reproduction

healthy   unhealthy 


We went on an Autumn walk to see the variety of plants we have around our school grounds. When we came back to the classroom we were fortunate enough to be able to share our findings with Father John. We also discussed with him our key question for the term ‘What if all plants were the same?

Parts of a plant

We recapped the different parts of plants and are looking forward to Asda Steve coming along later this term to share with us some fascinating facts about which part of a plant you can eat! 

We spent the afternoon thinking about what plants need to grow! We planted some seeds and bulbs and look forward to watching them grow over the next few months. We also set up an investigation to explore our ideas about what plants need to be healthy.

Asda Steve came this afternoon to explore with us how we can eat different parts of a variety of plants. We tried bean sprouts , pomegranate seeds, lettuce leaves, celery stalks , radishes and physalises.

We learnt about the life cycle of a plant.

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