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During our English lessons we will be writing Fairy Tales. However, they wont be like any other Fairy Tale that you have read as we will be writing alternative versions using Heroes and Villains! We will also be working on Poetry too. During this, our focus will be riddles.

I wonder if you will be able to solve them?


Today we started writing our alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood. We started with the introduction and are using our plans to keep our writing in order and to make sure we are using all of our ideas. However, we aren't just copying our plans... we are making sure that we are writing exciting stories that our Year 2 audience will want to read. 

So our alternative versions of Little Red Riding Hood are all planned! 


We have made changes to some of the characters, including swapping the humans and wolves, changing who is good and who is bad and changing what some of them do in the story. We have also changed parts of the story, but had to be very careful to not change too much so it was still the same story.

We are working really hard to take the alternative version of The Three Little Pigs back to a plan! To do this we are needing to think really carefully about what is happening in each part of the story. 

We have started looking at Traditional Tales and we are loving it! So far we have explored exactly what Traditional means, the features of Traditional Tales and here you can see us identifying words and phrases that capture the readers attention. 


The Alternative Fairy Tales that we have been reading are very funny! We think you should all read Grumpy Goldilocks and the Three Bears!