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Will you be my friend?


This term, we will be continuing with our topic 'Will you be my friend?'


Within this topic, we will be learning about people who can help us, such as police, fire service, ambulance, doctors and teachers. We will think about why these people are special to our community and how they can help us. We will be learning about festivals such as Diwali, Christmas and Bonfire Night and considering how we can keep ourselves safe.


We will also be continuing our science work by looking at the changes in the seasons, exploring the world around us and talking about what we can see, feel and hear whilst outside. 


We will continue to develop our fine motor skills including our pencil control and scissor control.


Our performance and speaking and listening skills will be developed through role play by acting out stories that we hear. This term our story focus will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears and will use lots of resources to role-play with our friends to act out the story.  We will explore oats and milk to make our own porridge to try, just like Goldilocks did!





The cold weather enabled Noah's Ark to do some experimenting with the ice.

We explored maps and looked at our local area on our IWB to find familiar places. We drew our own maps.

People who help us - Firefighters

Noah's Ark explored the resources to become Firefighters

Experimenting with different materials

Children in Need day


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Bucket Fillers
Noah's Ark listened to the book 'Have you filled a bucket today?' last term and have been working hard to fill our 'bucket'. Mrs Tory suggested we think of ways to celebrate when we had used up all our pom-poms. We discussed together various ideas which included dancing to the dinosuar stomp, doing some Maths, a certificate and a lollipop, ride on the bikes and play with the parachute. Everyone took a turn to vote with their name cards/pegs and the winner with 11 votes was a certificate and a lollipop.

Who's been eating our porridge?


Noah's Ark explored the porridge oats and then what happened when they were mixed with milk and cooked in the microwave. As we waited for the porridge to cool down we went for a walk in the 'woods'. just like the three bears in the Goldilocks story we had listened to. When we returned someone had eaten all our porridge!!! Guess who it was? Yes, Goldilocks frown Mrs Tory and Miss Hardy made some more for us to try. When we had eaten the porridge we completed a tally chart to find out who did and didn't like porridge.