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Today we will be looking again at timelines! Do you know what a family tree is?  Ask your child what a family tree shows.

Read William's family fiction text. Or listen to Mrs MacRae read it below!


William's Family Tree Story

Still image for this video

Look how Mrs MacRae has built the family tree as described in the story.


Encourage your child to talk about William's family and the relationships between them. Invite them to ask and answer questions, such as 'Who are William's parents? Who are William's grandmothers? What is his Dad’s mum called?'

Challenge the children to consider what their family tree would look like and explore the idea that everybody’s family tree will look different because each family is unique.

The children are to complete their own family tree . They can use the template provided or just draw their own!

Challenge 1 – complete a family tree for immediate family by drawing pictures of family into the tree.

Challenge 2 - Direct the children to use the My Family Tree template to create their family tree (extend to grandparents/aunts/uncles cousins if possible).

When complete, please share the children's work, talk about the relationships between themselves and other family members. 


Example ...

Family Tree template - Or draw your own!