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To understand the events of important celebrations

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This week we are continuing looking at the Muslim celebration Aqiqah, which is where they celebrate the birth of a new baby. Celebrating a new member of the Muslim community (ummah) – Is something that Muslims give thanks for and see as a blessing .  Last week we looked at the importance of the 'whisper the call to prayer' (adhaan) into the baby's ear.

This week we will be focusing on how the Muslim community traditionally give their child a name during this celebration, which is often named after one of the Prophets or other important Muslim figures. 

Muslim Birth Ceremonies

Omaima has a new baby cousin called Jenna and is looking forward to babysitting duties.


Lots of names in different cultures and religions have different meanings.

Research what your own name means or think about and make up what would like your name to mean.

Create some art work which include your name and represent you in some way.  

There are 25 prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. These are: Adam (آدم) Idris (إدريس) Nuh (نوح) (Noah) Saleh (صالح) Hud (هود) Ibrahim (إبراهيم)(Abraham) Lut (لوط) (Lot) Ismail (إسماعيل) (Ismael) Ishaq (إسحاق) (Isaac) Ya’qub (يعقوب) (Jacob) Yusuf (يوسف) (Joseph) Ayub (أيوب) (Job) Shu’aib (شعيب) Musa (موسى)(Moses) Harun (هارون) (Aaron) Dul-Kifl (ذو الكفل) Dawud (داود) (David) Suleyman (سليمان)(Solomon) Ilyas (إلياس) (Elijah) Al-Yasa (اليسع) (Elisha) Yunus (يونس)(Jonah) Zakaria (زكريا)(Zechariah) Yahya (يحيى) (John the Baptist) Isa (عيسى) (Jesus) Muhammad (محمد) Muslims believe that the prophets were sent on this Earth for a purpose. That was to call every one towards the one who created the entire creation. To call everyone towards the one who hears all. The one who sees all. The one who forgives. The most important message was to worship Allah alone and to follow his teachings. All of them, invited people to worship Allah alone and not to pray to idols and other false gods.