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Watch the letter formation videos and write down the letters. If there are some letters that you have not written correctly practice these over the week.


Letter formation a - l


Letter formation m - z



Listen to the story of Mr Wolf's pancakes


Can you write your own shopping list to make pancakes. What ingredients do you think you need? Don't forget to add your toppings. What is your favourite? Have you made healthy choices? What healthy options could you choose?



Say the words and listen for the sounds. What sounds can you hear? Use the sound mats below if you are not sure how to write some of your letters, digraphs and trigraphs.


Below is a recipe if you would like to make your own pancakes. Can you follow the instructions? Use words to describe the ingredients, what does the flour feel like? Can you mix it all together? How has the ingredients changed?




Listen to the story of Mr Wolf's Pancakes. What do you think about the behaviour of the people that Mr Wolf asked to help him? Talk to someone in your family and tell them what you would do and how you could help Mr Wolf? 

Why not ask someone in your family how you could help them this week. Could you help with the washing up, or sorting out the dirty laundry, or keep your bedroom and toys nice and tidy without being asked? Draw a picture and label all the things you do this week and ask someone to take a photo too.






Mr Wolf had lemon on his pancake, what toppings do you like on your pancakes? Can you draw a picture of the items you like on your pancake and label what you have added. How many pancakes will you make?