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This week our maths is a consolidation week.  We will be practicing some of the mental maths we learnt during remote learning.


Today we are going to practice our number bonds to 10.


I Can Say My Number Pairs 10 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann


Today we continue to practice our number bonds.  In year 1 we try to learn the ways to make 10 and instantly recall them!

What Numbers Make 10 | Learn to Add | Kindergarten Addition Song | Math for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Task:  using your pack of playing cards that were in your Christmas gift from school play this game!


How to play Make Ten:

  1. Remove the face cards from a deck of playing cards and place the deck, face down on the table.
  2. Each player chooses 5 cards and places the cards in front of him.
  3. The first player uses the 5 cards to create as many equations as he can in which the sum equals ten. For example, If I have 9, 9, 3, 2, 4, I could make the following equations:  3+ 7 = 10, 6+4 = 10 or more challenging : 9+4-3=10 and 9+3-2=10.
  4. After making as many equations as possible, player sets aside the used cards and play passes to the next player.
  5. Play continues with players refilling their hands to 5 cards at the start of each turn.
  6. Whoever uses the most cards by the end of the deck wins.


Friends of 10 | Learn to Add | Math Song for Kids | Addition Song | Jack Hartmann

Watch the number blocks find all the ways to make 10!

Numberblocks - What Makes 10? | Learn to Count | Wizz Learning