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Group 1 Mrs MacRae's Spelling Group

The Spelling Zone

This week we are learning to add the suffix - y.

We can add -y to many route words to make adjectives (describing words). For some words we DOUBLE the final CONSONANT before adding -y. 

For example: 

Spot   Spott + y   Spotty       run   runn + y    runny 



The Vowels and Consonants Song

A song to explain to children how the alphabet is split into vowels and consonants!

Monday 18th January Spelling Video

Still image for this video
The introduction video with this weeks new spelling rule! Double the consonant before adding y!

Read the words and underline the double consonants and circle the suffix in each word. 







Tuesday - Dots and Dashes

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Root words before the suffix y has been added! Read the words, then dot the single sounds and dash where two letters make one sound. Count up how many sounds in each word. Check your work through to make sure it is correct. Correct any mistakes.

Wednesday - Word Changers

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Read the word then double the consonant and add the suffix y or read the word and take off the double letter and the suffix y to find the root word.

Thursday Spelling - Choose the Right Word

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Read the sentences then choose the best word to complete the sentence so it makes sense!

Friday Spelling - Dictation

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Listen to Mrs MacRae read out sentences which include tricky words and words that contain the new spelling rule this week! Write down the sentence as quickly as you can after you have heard the sentence three times!