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In Year 3 it is expected that the children will be reading 5 times a week and starting to make entries into their own Journals. This could be what they have learnt, what they have read about or what they enjoyed of the book. Whilst the children can read alone, it is encouraged for them to read aloud to an adult. This helps them with words that they don't know and enables the adult to ask questions about the book, building the children's comprehension skills. If you would like a list of some simple questions that you could ask, please speak to Mr Lee. 

Keep reading Year 3 and let's try and have the most tickets in the box every Friday! 


A brilliant online resource is the Oxford Owl Library which can be found by following the link below. 


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Reading lessons 

During our Reading lessons at school, we spend Monday's and Friday's lessons working with our Class Book. During the rest of our Reading lessons we focus on Reading Comprehension skills using high quality fiction texts, non-fiction texts and poems.


Our Class Book 

This term, our class book is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe written by C.S. Lewis.

World Book Day 


During our World Book Day celebrations we were really lucky and had a video call with a real author! Jion Sheibani wrote and illustrated the book, The Worries and we loved hearing an extract, the process of writing a book, about her other books and how to draw the characters!

Lucy from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Today during reading we explored how Lucy has changed over the part of the book we have ready. We worked in groups to discuss and record our ideas and we found that she was scared and worried at the start of the book, when she was evacuated. We then saw that she became more brave, curious and not as easily worried as the story has progressed so far. 



During this term we will be writing to inform. Over the term we will be learning about how to be informative and, once we have learnt about the features, we will be planning and writing explanation texts and letters to inform

Non-Chronological Reports 


We have been learning the features of a Non-Chronological report and we then found the features in a WAGOLL text. We then researched and started to plan our own reports to inform people all about Longboats. 


We we decided that our Audience would be Newby Leisure because we thought that they would love to learn all about Longboats. Once we had planned each section of our reports we moved into writing them, making sure we used all of the facts we had found and the features of Non-Chronological reports.