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Art and Design



During this term in Art and Design, children revisit the theme of nature. Ammonites were sea creatures that lived millions of years ago. They were closely related to octopuses and squids and had a spiral, ribbed outer shell. They will use fossils and other natural forms to create work that includes printing and sculpting. Children will be introduced to drawing techniques and they will build their understanding of motifs by designing motifs themselves. All children will use motif in printing using one or two colours and make a 3D sculpture of a natural form in clay.

How to Draw an Ammonite - Danny the Dinosaur Drawer

In this video shows an example of how to draw an ammonite.



line drawing                      shading                         cross hatching                    natural


nature                               printmaking                  motif / pattern                    sculpture




People and Places


Children revisit the genre of figure drawing, first studied in Y2 Portraits and Poses project.  They learn more about the genre by studying the work of LS Lowry and learn how to draw quick sketches and more detailed drawings of the human form. They study features of urban landscapes, first explored in Y1 Street View project and make exploratory studies using sketches, photography and digital collages. 

How to Draw People Figures

Drawing figures involves understanding how the male and females bodies are proportioned and shaped. Block out human figures using basic geometric shapes with a demonstration from a professional animator.



Abstract,       Anatomy,        Elongated,               Muted,

Posed,           Renaissance,         Subject.