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All About Winter PowerPoint



This week for your writing task I would like you to write something about Winter. It could be about the weather or the clothes your wear. What activities you like to do in Winter or what you enjoy about Winter.

Remember to use the soundmats to help you. Say each word you would like to write and listen for the sounds, Ask an adult to help you if you are not sure what letter you need to write to match the sound.




What is the weather like today? (Winter)



Below is a chart to complete for the next week, you do not have to print it, you can draw a table in your book. Go outside and explore what the weather is like each day. Is it cold? Wet? What clothes do you need to wear? 


When you have been outside to explore the temperature and the weather can you draw a picture of yourself? What clothes did you wear outside. Below are a few pictures for you to look at. What did your clothes feel like? Where they thin clothes? Did you need your swimsuit?





It is really important that we look after our teeth. Watch the video below to learn all about 

How to look after your teeth


Now you have watched the video can you answer the questions below?



Watch the video below to learn all about


Healthy and Unhealthy Foods


Now can you complete the task below




Watch the video to learn all about

Visiting the Dentist


complete the task below








Today is Chinese New Year, watch the video below to find out all about what happens...


Preparing for Chinese New Year video


Think of times when your family all eat together for special occasions. What are these times? What food do you eat? Can you help to clean the house like the girl does ready for New Year? Maybe you could tidy your bedroom and put away your toys. 


Click to watch the episode of Go Jetters - Chinese New Year - Dragon Dance Drama


See the Independent Learning section to make your own Chinese Lantern the link is below

Chinese Lantern 




Click on the link to take you to the storytime section to listen to the story of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) Zodiac story


There are other stories for you to listen to....