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Our topics for Maths this term are:

 - Geometry: Position and Direction

- Decimals

- Percentages

- Algebra


Geometry: Position and Direction

In this geometry topic, we will continue the work we started at the end of last term in understanding coordinates in all four quadrants. From this we will then progress onto questions that ask for shapes to be translated or reflected.


coordinate    quadrant    translation    reflection    origin    axis  




We will then explore the use of decimals, relating these to our previous learning about fractions. In this topic, we will learn to use our knowledge of place value and the four operations to answer various questions that include a number with decimals. 



decimal   tenths   hundredths   thousandths   equivalent   




Continuing on from decimals, we will then look at the equivalence of percentages to both decimals and fractions. This will allow us to order fractions, decimals  and percentages when given a mixed list by both ascending and descending values. We will also learn and practice how to calculate a percentage of an amount, which will allow us to answer a variety of problem solving questions.



equivalent   ascending  descending   percentage  




An understanding of how to use algebra is important for the children to develop. This will allow them to answer questions where there is one or more missing values that they are asked to find. In this topic we will learn how to find a rule given the input and output numbers, form and solve equations and find pairs of values that satisfy a given equation. 



algebra   input   output   function   expression   substitution  formula   equation