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This term our units of work will be: ‘position and direction’, ’place value within 100’, ’money’ and ‘time’.


Position and Direction


Full turn, half turn, quarter turn, three-quarter turn, left, right, forwards and backwards. 

In this unit we will be looking at turns and how to turn objects and our bodies in a full turn, a quarter turn, half a turn and a three-quarter turn. We will also be looking at the directional terms: 'left', 'right', 'forwards' and 'backwards'. 

We used our bodies and shapes to show a full turn, half a turn and a quarter turn.

Place value within 100


Groups, hundred square, partition, part-whole model, tens, ones.

In this unit, we will be building on our previous learning of place value and begin to count to 100. We will count forwards and backwards within 100, partition numbers into tens and ones, compare numbers and find one more and one less. 

Recapping our tens and ones knowledge



Money, pound, pence, coin, note. 


This unit involves all things money! We will explore British coins and notes and their value. 


We identified different coins and their value



Date, month, hour, minute, half past.


In our final unit of the term we will be looking at time. We will explore dates, telling time to the hour and to half past the hour. 


We told the time to the nearest hour