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Who do Christians believe made the world?


Sustainer, Creator, Universe, Nativity. 


This term we will be looking at the Creation story and how Christians believe that God created the universe.


We will build on prior learning of God and God's attributes. Children will learn that the earth and everything in it is important to God and that God has a unique relationship with human beings as their Creator and sustainer. God the sustainer is the concept that God created the universe but that God continues to be involved in the world. The idea that everything in the world is still dependent on God for its existence. As Christians believe that God created the universe and that God is the sustainer, Christians also believe that all humans should care for the world and everything in it. 

Creation (Genesis 1-2)

Towards the end of this term we will look at the Nativity story where children will retell the story and learn why Christmas is important to Christians. 

The Christian Story of the First Christmas | Religions of the World