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Dynamic Dynasties

This term we will be exploring the Shang Dynasty, which is the earliest ruling dynasty in the recorded history of China. The Shang Dynasty reigned during China's Bronze Age, from c1600 to c1046 BC, and were known for their advances in bronze-work, silk manufacture, jade carving and military technology.  



Dynasty        Hierarchy        Artefact        Ancestor      Deity       Imperial       

Oracle bones        Ritual        Tyrant   



Our Prophets have been researching the history and purpose of Oracle Bones. Did you know? Oracle bones were used in the Shang Dynasty to ask questions to the Gods (however we don't know how often the response they got was correct)!

As our understanding of the Shang Dynasty grows, we have found that many of the archaeological findings point to some strong religious beliefs. Today we used inferences made by historians about the religion in the Shang Dynasty to script a podcast interviewing someone about their beliefs. Some decided to use the Fu Hao, who we are going to look at more in a few weeks time, after we looked at images of her tomb.

During our pottery workshop, some children decided to recreate some of the art they had seen in our topic lessons. Here is one of them that looks very much like a bronze ding from the Shang Dynasty.