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Writing to Inform

This term we will be learning to write to inform.  This will include learning how to write instructions, non-chronological reports and recounts.


Within these types of writing we will continue to focus on the following key areas:

  • Letter  formation
  • Writing a sentence
  • Saying our ideas before writing them
  • Using a capital letter for a name, place or start of a sentence
  • Using a full stop to demarcate the end of a sentence
  • Using finger spaces between words
  • Use the word 'and' to join words and clauses
  • Using our phonics to spell unknown words


We will also introduce both the exclamation mark and question mark!  

When Do You Use a Capital Letter | Singalong for Kids | The Capital Letter Song | Learn the Alphabet

The Capital Letters and Full Stops Song

Helping at home


We will begin the term by learning about instructions.  You can help at home by practicing giving and following instructions!  Can your child pretend to be a robot and follow instructions to brush their teeth?  Get dressed?


If you are feeling creative try watching some of the Mr Maker videos and see if you can follow the instructions together to make the model!