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In Year 3 it is expected that the children will be reading 5 times a week and starting to make entries into their own Journals. This could be what they have learnt, what they have read about or what they enjoyed of the book. Whilst the children can read alone, it is encouraged for them to read aloud to an adult. This helps them with words that they don't know and enables the adult to ask questions about the book, building the children's comprehension skills. If you would like a list of some simple questions that you could ask, please speak to Mr Lee. 


Keep reading Year 3 and let's try and have the most tickets in the box every Friday! 



We started our Poetry fortnight in reading by working with My Lighthouse by The Rend Collective. We listened to and read the lyrics carefully before thinking about what ‘The Promise’ is in the song and what the song is about .

How a Character Is Feeling 


Today during our reading lesson we were using our Class Book. We thought about the different things that Farmer Hoggett or Babe had done and how that might have made them feel. 

Class Read 


This term we are reading The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith. This exciting story from the Pie Corbett Reading Spine, is about a pig that is adopted by a sheep-dog on a farm.



This term our writing focus is writing to entertain. Over this term we will be looking at Ancient Greek Myths, writing a character description, acting out Myths and re-writing Myths in the 3rd person. We will also be using Babe, the movie of our class book to embark on some visual literacy and writing an alternative ending to the story. 

Nouns and Pronouns 


Today we continued our work with Nouns and Pronouns. Some of us were identifying nouns and pronouns, which ones linked together and some of us made pronoun trains!

Alternative Resolution 


Today during English we were working in groups to think about alternative ideas for the Resolution of Theseus and The Minotaur. We had to make sure that it solved the problem and stayed linked to the rest of the Myth. 

Theseus and The Minotaur


This week we have been looking at The Minotaur from The Ancient Greek Myth, Theseus and The Minotaur. We thought about different adjectives that we could use to describe him and then wrote a character description.