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How do Muslims express their beliefs through prayer?

What is prayer and Why do people find it important? Discuss with your family.  You will find that different people have different ideas.  Everyone has different ideas and this is's what makes us unique!  Just remember to show respect to everyone when they are sharing their ideas with you!


Prayer is an important part of each day for Muslims.  They have different ways to pray than Christians do.   To begin with they have to prepare to pray.  Watch the video below to find out how they do this!



Now they are ready to pray.  Watch the videos here to see how they do this.  



Muslims Pray 5 times each day and these are very special times that they try not to miss.


Do you have any special times each day that are really important to you?  It might be that you have a special time to pray, a quiet time, a story time or even meal times together with your family.  


Draw a picture of a special time you have each day and write a sentence to explain why you find it a special time.