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        Maths in Early Years

In our daily maths sessions and provision, we aim to support the development of mathematical language and early number knowledge. Through the year, the children will learn and practice mathematical concepts through guided activities, as well a independent provision and challenges. 

You will find weekly updates regarding their progress in maths through tapestry, or in their maths book in school. 

This term we will be learning: 


Number knowledge:

We will be learning to...

  • join in with number songs and rhymes
  • count actions and amounts
  • recognise and compose numbers up to 5
  • begin to recognise more and less
  • begin to subtise amounts to 5



We will be learning to...

  • match objects and amounts
  • sort and group by size, colour and shape
  • sort and sequence daily activities (e.g. night and day)
  • build simple patterns
  • identify simple 2D shapes


Mathematical Vocabulary:


same       different        sort        group         pattern     sequence      first       then       next        finally    number    amount       count       represent      more         less          shape      size       colour       circle      triangle    square       rectangle



Same and different

Sorting by colour

Sorting by shape

Tall or short

Long or short

Empty or full