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Seasonal Changes


Seasons, hibernate, temperature, thermometer, migrate, Northern Hemisphere, volume, precipitation, meteorologist




This terms topic is an exciting one with plenty of opportunities to conduct investigations. During this topic we will learn about the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. We will explore our local environment to experience weather, observe changes in seasons and examine the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. 


When looking at seasons, we will see how the changes affect animals and how some animals go into hibernation. Below is a cycle of how a squirrel behaves throughout the seasons. 

We will then find out what the weather is , what types of weather there are and what causes the weather. We will go on to look at what the weather is like in each season and discover why the lengths of daytime and night time change in different seasons.



We will then use our knowledge of seasons and weather to investigate the sun, wind, rainfall and temperature. We will measure the wind and record data, read a thermometer to see the temperature over a series of days and measure rainfall to see how much rain we get.