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Magnificent Monarchs


Absolute Power,  AD- anno Domini,  Feudal System,  Government,  Head of State,  Hierarchy,  Monarch, Parliament, Reign,  Sovereign, Spanish Armada.


In this history project, children revisit historical vocabulary related to time and are introduced to new terms and concepts, including AD (anno Domini). Children are introduced to the concept of historical periods and learn the names of periods in British history, from the Anglo-Saxon period, beginning in AD 871, to the House of Windsor in the present day. They create a timeline of British monarchs, using the dates and knowledge of historical periods to consolidate their understanding of chronological order.

The children are introduced to the terms: ‘hierarchy’, ‘reign’ and ‘kingdom’, and the substantive concepts of power, rule, absolute power, government, parliament and constitutional monarchy. They explore the power of different monarchs and record how the power of the British monarch has changed over time.

The children continue to build their understanding of historical sources and use royal portraits as a source of historical evidence. They are introduced to symbolism by studying, the objects of monarchy within the portraits, including the orb and sceptre, and exploring the monarchs’ poses, backgrounds and facial expressions.

The children study six significant sovereigns in depth, creating a timeline for Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II. They learn about the impact of these sovereigns and are introduced to historical terms, such as ‘kingdom’, ‘feudal system’, ‘hierarchy’, ‘peasant’, ‘war’, ‘British Empire’ and ‘law’. The children then use the statements in Dawson’s model, first encountered in the Y2 project Movers and shakers, to decide who is the most significant monarch.


The amount of power the monarchs have has changed over time from ABSOLUTE POWER to CONSTITUTIONAL POWER

The Six Significant Monarchs of GB