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Our Changing World!


This term we are going to be continuing our work with Plants but learning even more! We will be looking at how leaves and plants change over a year, what berries are and how insects help plants. 

What Plants are Growing?


Today we went around our school grounds to find all of the plants that were growing. We took a picture of them and then used identification sheets to identify which plants they were. We also notice that there were lots of daffodils because we are in Spring.

What are berries?


Today we explored what berries are. We went on a berry hunt around school and learnt that they are found inside of fruits, pods and shells. This is to provide protection to the shell and to help with the seed’s dispersal. 

What do plants need to grow?


This week we learnt about what plants need to grow. We had to then think carefully to work as a team for our matching activity with everything a plant needs to grow. We then put all of our learning to use to answer a concept cartoon where we had to explain who was right and why.



How do leaves change?


We learnt about how leaves change over a year depending on what season it is. We also found out that some trees stay green all year and they are called evergreen trees. 


Can an you tell what season it is outside by looking at the leaves on the trees.