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This term we begin our writing looking at non-fiction including writing a postcard and a non-chronological report.  We then will be reading the story of ‘Tyrone the Terrible’ and writing a new ending!


In our writing we will be practising:

· Sounding out our words

· Finger spaces

· Capital letters and full stops

· Reading our work to check that it makes sense

· Beginning to use the conjunction and.




We watched the video of Barnaby Bear visiting the River Thames.  We then drew maps of his holiday which became our plans.  We then imagined we were Barnaby and wrote a postcard back home to Mum to tell her about our holiday!  

Watch: Barnaby Bear - Barnaby Bear Goes to the River Thames

Barnaby and his dad spend a night camping on a little island in the River Thames. © |B|B|C| - this is not our material

Non-Chronological Report

After our visit to the museum we began investigating different dinosaurs.  We found out facts about them and wrote them in a list.  We then turned them into a non-chronological report!

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