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Remote learning

As I am sure you are aware, our staff are currently providing both face-to-face education for children of critical workers and remote learning. With this in mind, please continue to send completed work from the remote learning sections of the class page to Please be beware we may not be able to get back to you immediately. The email address will be active daily between the hours of 8am and 4pm.


Remote learning is every child's right and is extremely necessary in order for us to help your children reach their potential. We are expecting ALL learners to complete all their daily learning as it is exactly the same as what is being provided face-to-face. Remote learning does not need to be printed and can be completed in the exercise books provided in the home learning packs (which can be collected from the school office if left here),



Below is an example of our Year 4 time table as a guide for a daily routine as children find it beneficial to have structure in their day. You may wish to use this to help you and your child maintain their level of learning remotely.



  AM Session 1 Break AM Session 2 Break  AM Session 3  Lunch  PM Session 1  PM Session 2
Monday Maths 1 Break Reading 1 Break Writing 1 Lunch PE RHSE
Tuesday Maths 2 Break Reading 2 Break Writing 2 Lunch Science  Science
Wednesday Maths 3 Break Reading 3 Break Writing 3 Lunch PE  Wellbeing Wednesday
Thursday Maths 4 Break Reading 4 Break Writing 4 Lunch Topic
Friday Maths 5 Break Reading 5 Break Writing 5 Lunch RE Art