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Measuring length and height


Taller, longer, shorter, cm, centimeter, ruler, measure. 


This unit will be a practical unit where children get the opportunities to use a range of equipment to support their understanding of length and measure. 

We will focus on:

· Understanding and using vocabulary such as ‘taller, longer and shorter’ and ‘cm’.

· Measuring length and height using a range of equipment, including a ruler.

· Comparing lengths and heights.


We compared our heights and then went outside to see what objects were taller than us and what were shorter.

Weight and volume:


Heavier, lighter, equal, full, empty, weight, mass, volume, capacity. 

This unit will also involve lots of practical lessons to support the children's understanding of weight and volume. 


We will focus on:


· Understanding and using vocabulary such as ‘heavier, lighter and equal’ and ‘full, nearly full, empty and nearly empty’.

· Weighing and comparing objects using scales.

· Measuring the amount of liquid in a container.

· Comparing the capacity of different containers.


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