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Today we will be joining an author Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of How to Change the World.  To find out more please check out our World Book Day page below.  The access codes for the webinar will be sent to you via Parenthub on Monday morning.



This week we will be enjoying the traditional tale of Cinderella.  Above there is the link to the story of Cinderella which you can read together.  Alternatively you may have your own book at home with the story in that you can enjoy reading!  If you have access to Disney Plus you might even like to enjoy watching the film!

Read the story together.  Can you answer the questions?


Read the story together ....maybe you are getting to know the story well enough to be able to read it your grown-up?

Today we are going to use our inference skills.  Have a look at the picture below.  How do you think the characters are feeling?  Why? Explain how you know!  (Make sure you use the word because when explaining your thoughts!)


Today your challenge is to see if you can remember the key points of the story in the correct order.  You could choose to draw a story map drawing the events of the story in order or you could look at the pictures on the worksheet below and see if you can sequence them!


Can you retell the story of Cinderella without using the book?  You could do this by acting out the story with your family or your toys!  You could make some finger puppets from paper to help you!  When you retell the story try to make sure you include the key events of the story and see if you can change your voice so you become the characters!