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Decimals and Percentages


This term we will continue by looking at decimals before moving onto understanding what percentages are and how these relate to fractions and decimals. 


Children will be able to order and compare numbers with different numbers of decimal places using there knowledge of the value of each of he digits that we explored at the end of last term. 


Area and Perimeter


We will then move onto area and perimeter and practice calculating the area and perimeter of a variety of shapes including rectangles and compound shapes. 




We will finish the term by looking at some statistics which will include drawing and reading line graphs, interpreting tables and reading timetables.



Decimal Place                     Integer              Tenth       Hundredth            Thousandth        Percentage


Area             Perimeter             Polygon                 Rectangle         Compound shape 


Line graphs     Timetable          Table          Two-way Table        Horizontal axis           Vertical Axis