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This week is our second week of multiplication and division. We will learn what the the x symbol means and use it to write multiplication sentences. We will continue to learn that multiplication is linked to repeated addition and that multiplication can be done in any order as in 2 x 10 is equal to 10 x 2 . Please make sure your child can count in 2's 5's and 10 CONFIDENTLY up to 100. 

MONDAY Multiplication using the x symbol

Watch the video. Pause it when it says to do so and complete any tasks you need to in your maths book provided.

TUESDAY Multiplication sentences using pictures

Watch t he video and pause when you need to. Complete any tasks in your book.

Wednesday LO: To make doubles

Wednesday Watch the video and complete the tasks in your book.

Thursday - 2 times-table

Watch and listen to the video and complete the tasks in your math's book.

Friday - 5 times-table

Listen and watch the video. Stop the video and complete the tasks. Any answers can be written straight into your book!