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This Term


This term we will be continuing to use the White Rose Maths resources and we will be focusing on:

- Geometry: The Properties of Shape 

- Measure: Mass and Capacity 

- Multiplication and Division



Acute, Obtuse and Right Angles


Today we practiced our angle knowledge by drawing different angles on the playground using chalk. We also ordered angles from smallest to largest by using our knowledge of acute, obtuse and right angles. 


We found out that an acute angle can never be bigger than an obtuse angle because acute angles are less than 90 degrees and an obtuse angle is above 90 degrees. 



We all know the importance of Times-Tables and as we have improved our knowledge of them we have seen how much it helps our Maths work so we will be continuing to use TTRockstars to practice our Times tables this term! 


We will also be having a weekly class battle to see who gets the most answers correct and spends the most time practicing their times tables each week! If it's you then you will become a member of our Hall of Fame!