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Vocabulary: Bullying, friendship, endangered, hunted, rumours, cursed, madness, fearful, stranded, beached.


This is an exciting tale of friendship and adventure from a much-loved author. Gracie and Daniel have been warned to stay away from the Birdman and his side of the island. But one day they find a mysterious message in the sand, and realise that the Birdman is not who they thought. Before long, they build up a firm friendship with him. But should they believe the Birdman’s story that the island is cursed? Set on a remote island against the backdrop of World War I, this story will enchant young readers.

We will also be studying a range of other texts and extracts this term looking at the vocabulary choices, making predicitons, learning to summarise, infer and explain our thoughts and opinions.

Reading at Home

Reading is your 'golden ticket' and by reading at home, you will not only be opening a whole new world of opportunity in your learning but you are able to escape into different worlds and experience life as different people!  We will be encouraging children to read daily at home and to love books!  there will be daily Dojo rewards for those that do!


Vocabulary: Inform, biography, report, factual, quote, direct speech, indirect speech, biased.


This term we consolidate our knowledge of the year 4 writing curriculum through our writing to inform units of work.  We will be learning what a biography is and how it is written before writing a biography of Sir David Attenborough's life!  This will link with our science and topic work.  


Next we will become journalists, writing our own newspaper articles reporting on our day visit to Skegness!  Through this piece of work, we will practice our use of speech punctuation, dialogue and the use of direct or indirect voice.  There may even be some interviews carried out on the beach!  

We will finish the year with our performance poetry unit of work, which will see us writing and then performing our own poetry!